10 Essential Oils for Anxiety and Depression

Plants have always accompanied humans in their health. Today we are not many to invoke the “spirits” of plants to solve our problems but they remain nonetheless, in herbal medicine and aromatherapy, essential allies of our well-being psychic and physical.

We propose here some of the well-known Essential Oils having an action on the psychological sphere and more particularly on stress and anxiety.

  1. Fine lavender:

Fine lavender is the royal road to the discovery of essential oils. It is probably the most used and the oldest, it was already known in antiquity. It has many virtues and properties, it is a panacea. It is very well tolerated, reliable and has few contraindications.

Particularly recommended for stress, anxiety, depression, restlessness, and insomnia and muscle spasms. It is slightly sedative, anxiolytic, antispasmodic, relaxing.

Used in inhalation or diffusion, its scent is a delight and it is also a powerful medium of meditation. In massage (diluted) it will certainly be the guarantee of a fabulous moment of relaxation.

  1. Marjoram:

Marjoram oil is relaxing, antispasmodic, sedative, soothing. It acts on the nervous system in a tranquilizing way by inhibiting stress.

In simple inhalation, it is the friend of the smoker during detoxification. It also can be used as an electronic cigarette.

  1. Organic Noble Laurel:

Organic Noble Laurel oil comes from organic crops and wild plants. By inhalation way, it gives strength and courage. It is resolutely turned towards the action.

  1. Roman Chamomile:

Its delicate fragrance will enchant you well before benefiting from many benefits. It is anti-depressive and relaxing. Sedative and calming, it reduces anxiety and rebalances the nervous system. Recommended during emotional shocks or emotional trauma, it will affectionately cheer you up and calm a restless mind. In inhalation or in massage let its charm makes an effect.

Citrus fruits are a family with a thousand benefits. In addition to their remarkable digestive virtues such as bloating, gallbladder, liver, in all their forms they offer us essential resources at the psychic level.

  1. Bergamot tree:

Its “melatonin-like” effects on the regulation of biological rhythms make it an excellent remedy for sleep disorders. This essential oil is also calming, sedative, anxiolytic, anti-stress, anti-depressive and promotes relaxation by its antispasmodic virtues.

  1. Lemons:

Unlike the others, this oil is toning, so it is used for its anti-depressive virtues to give a little boost and restore vigor. To “digest” things and get back into action.

  1. Small Grain Bigarade:

This is the “Rescue” of the aroma, used simply by inhalation during peaks of stress or anxiety. It allows you to quickly keep or restore your calm.

  1. Neroli:

Neroli is the wonder of wonders essential oil. Produced at the same time as orange blossom water, you have to distill about a ton of flowers to get only one liter of essential oil.

Sedative of the central nervous system, relaxing and even very slightly hypnotic, it takes us on a journey with his exquisite perfume.

  1. Jatamansi:

This is one of the most powerful essential oils for anxiety on the planet. This oil is regarded widely as powerful stress reducing herb and relaxing nerves.

  1. Tulsi (Holi Basil):

Tulsi is the ancient Indian system of medicine in Ayurveda. This is also one of the most powerful essential oils works amazing on anxiety and stress.


Essential oils recipes for depression:

After the mild summer, the period of return from vacation is sometimes punctuated by stress, short nights or cold snaps. The essential oils give you a boost to approach the new year with confidence.

Practical, this roll-on with the sweet smell will accompany you in the periods of stress to help you find calm and appeasement. Apply on the wrists as soon as the need arises, bring your wrists to the level of your nose and breathe deeply.


– Roll-on bottle transparent glass 15 ml

– 25 ml graduated test tube


  •    14 ml neutral base massage oil & neutral organic care.
  •    43 drops of essential oil of organic orange.
  •    30 drops of organic petitgrain essential oil.
  •    17 drops of marjoram essential oil with organic shells.


Transfer all the ingredients into a roll-on.

Close the bottle and shake.


Store your bottle away from light and heat.

Well preserved and manufactured under optimal hygiene conditions, your product can be kept at least 6 months.