Self hypnosis for depression

DEPRESSION is a term we use to refer to a state of prolonged sadness. However, the true essence of depression is the fact that the sufferer thinks that he cannot “get out of it” and that he has the ability to interrupt his daily activities.

Depression is characterized by prolonged sadness, anxiety, unusual mood swings accompanied by a degree of irrational thinking, pessimism, and is responsible for changes in the way we eat, sleep, or relate to other people and in effect, it incapacitates us to participate in productive activities.

The most frequent signs of suffering from DEPRESSION are:

•    The feeling of being disinterested in the activities or habitual pastimes and the decision to withdraw from them.

•    Changes in appetite may also arise, leading to drastic weight loss or compulsive eating with the consequence of weight gain.

•    Sleep habits which may involve difficulty sleeping, waking up too early or sleeping too much.

•    The sensation of despair and guilt. Together these feelings can lead to thoughts of suicide or the obsession with death.

Depression is one of the most difficult conditions for doctors to treat. There is a clear connection between the mind and the body when it comes to depression and if the mental and physical causes of depression are not treated so much, it is almost impossible to alleviate the symptoms.

Millions of people each year are affected by depression to some degree. Some people have such a deep depression that they cannot work in the world and drug therapy does not seem to help.

According to WHO, depression is one of the main causes of suffering in the world and it is estimated that by the year 2020 it will be the second cause of disability.

The Best Solution to Fight Against Depression:

Hypnosis as a methodology to alleviate depression is not necessary to perform only by a trained professional, who has experience in the practice of HYPNOSIS, but also the person suffering from depression can use self-hypnosis to help themselves.

Here we present you the best Self Hypnosis techniques for Depression.

The Best Self Hypnosis Techniques for Depression:

Self-hypnosis allows us to program our subconscious mind through suggestions that will help us to change habits much more easily than if we work only with the conscious mind.

Here we are going to talk about the techniques that make the entrance door. 

1. Method of Eye Fixation:

Fix our gaze at a point slightly above our eyes, progressively cause a blur of our eyes and fatigue of our eyelids, once we have closed our eyes can be continued with another technique, focus on our breathing.

2. Display Method:

This method consists of introducing us in a scene, seeing, listening, and feeling. The more senses we use better, we can try to reproduce all the senses in a scene, or sequentially which will lead us to a deeper state, i.e. first focus only on the images, then in the sensations and so on, we can see ourselves in a place where we feel very calm like a beach, a forest or in a garden, or on a mountain to further deepen the experience.

3. Respiratory Method:

Focusing on our breathing, other methods of meditation or deep breathing also use this principle, there are other types of breathing techniques that cause hyperventilation and that also leads us to these states but we do not recommend their practice alone, the technique that we advise is in 4 times; aspirate-hold-exhale-vacuum, you have to keep the same times in each phase. For example, 3 seconds breathing in, 3 seconds holding, 3 seconds expelling, 3 seconds empty, you will increase the time as our lung capacity grows.

4. Autogenic Training:

Also called Western Yoga, is to concentrate on different parts of our body and relax, we can start with our feet and go up to our heads, this method usually takes a long time, both in its execution and in their learning.

5. Jacobson’s method:

With this technique, you will tense and relax sequentially the different muscle groups that are in our body. You concentrate on your right foot. You tense it for about 5 seconds and relax it, so you become aware of all your body and the relaxation that expands through it. You do the same with the rest of the body.

6. Recording Method:

It consists of using a recording previously made using some of the techniques described above and the suggestions that you want to impart to achieve the desired change, currently, in the market, there is a great disposition of this type of audios in different formats.

These tips will surely lift you up when you’re in your mood and prevent you from falling into a deeper state that leads to depression. Try to practice them every day, and make them a habit. You will be amazed at how these simple techniques will keep the rainy and cloudy days away from your glorious day.

Advantages of Overcoming Depression:

The main advantages of overcoming depression are overcoming that pessimism and negative image that you have about yourself, the world around you and your future.

That is to say, to feel happy again, to enjoy everything that once gave you the pleasure of new things, to recover your self-esteem in order to make decisions, to be able to carry out everyday activities with greater serenity and to improve personal, family and work relationships.

Some Quick Tips to Prevent Depression:

  • Put on a sweet smile: Yes, you just need to smile for as long as you can, it’s simple to do and it’s free.
  • Make positive affirmations: Repeat things such as “I feel good”,  “I see good in everything”, “positive energy flows through my body”, and etc.
  • Listen to happy music: It does not require listening anything specific, you just listen to something that you like and that makes you feel positive emotions.
  • Take time for yourself: Relax and read a book, do something for yourself.
  • Exercise: Exercise is beneficial for anyone who does it. It is a positive way to deal with depression, anxiety, and stress and has no side effects.
  • Listen to a Hypnotic Induction that will help you connect with you: Being in a trance state can help you get to know you and have a positive influence on you and the recorded CDs help you do the work if it only makes it difficult for you.