9 Top Health Benefits of Clove Essential Oil

You must have heard about the clove essential oil since it is typically used in almost all kitchens of our mothers and grandmothers. However, clove oil is not much popular as nutmeg or cinnamon. These have a particular aroma and flavor that makes it the undisputed star in numerous desserts.

Let’s start talking about the origins of this spice: the clove is originally from Southeast Asia. The clove oil is extracted from the flower buds or from the leaves of the plant itself. It is a powerful aroma, with an intense aroma, so you will only a few drops of its oil and enjoys its countless benefits.

9 Top Health Benefits of Clove Essential Oil:

1. Lowers stress level:

Clove essential oil is very well-known for lowering the level of your stress. It is because it is an aphrodisiac and it can help to lower stress. Clove oil helps to stimulate the mind and get rid of all the feelings of exhaustion or fatigue.

2. Improves hair:

The clove essential oil has the ability to improve the hair since it cleans and removes all toxins from the scalp. This allows a better circulation and no bacteria accumulate that could damage the area.

It also strengthens the hair follicles, making them can grow much more easily and that are much stronger, preventing serious hair loss, as well as the beginning or continuation of alopecia.

Making an easy recipe to fight hair loss is very simple. You just have to grind a tomato with a little clove and then apply this pest to your hair and massage a little. After this, you should rinse the scalp with plenty of water.

3. Skin benefits:

Clove essential oil is also beneficial for the skin. This oil works as an antibacterial which can help eliminate bacteria that can affect the skin. This essential oil removes E. coli which can cause a lot of acne. It also helps to eliminate warts, fine lines, and sagging skin that may appear on the face.

One of the natural remedies used to eliminate acne is a preparation combining 3 drops of cloves oil with 2 teaspoons of raw honey. You should wash your face thoroughly with this mixture or combine this with a little tea tree oil. This way, the result is much better.

4. Slimming effects on the skin:

Clove essential oil is very much powerful. It has a lot of properties that can provide slimming effects on the skin, however, one of the best recipes that exist is when the clove is not yet converted into oil.

You must choose 50 gr of the clove plus 50 gr of cinnamon, pepper and cumin seeds, all under the same amount. The ingredients are roasted, each separately until they can give off their characteristic smell. Then they are removed from the fire and grind together. This can be stored in a glass jar.

Each morning you can add a teaspoon of this preparation to a glass of water and heat it until it boils, let it rest and cool. You can add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten the preparation a bit and take it on an empty stomach every morning. It is necessary to bear in mind that you cannot abuse the amount of this recipe since more than a teaspoon could cause adverse effects in the body.

5. Relieving toothache:

Clove essential oil is widely used to treat a toothache. It is used as a protector of several oral conditions, including mouth ulcers and sensitive gums. It is because it contains eugenol, a substance which is widely used in the dentistry.

In the case of a toothache from tooth decay, you should place some amount of clove oil on a cotton ball and place it right on the tooth which has the problem. This should be done before going to sleep every day until the decay disappears.

6. Used in Aromatherapy:

Since this essential oil is spicy and having warm aroma, it is used as one of the most useful essential oils in Aromatherapy. It is a perfect oil to turn when you feel a little down or lacking in inspiration. You can also use this oil using diffuser, especially in the winter season.

It should undoubtedly help to improve mood and concentration.

7. Nausea:

Clove essential oil is very beneficial in reducing vomiting and nausea. If you are suffering from these issues, keeping cloves under your pillow at night helps to cure it.

8. Blood circulation:

Clove oil helps to increase metabolism of the body as it reduces the temperature of the body and increases blood circulations. And eventually, it helps those persons as well who are suffering from diabetes disease.

It also helps in purifying the blood. There are various studies done on clove essential oil. Its aroma extract can actually reduce blood toxicity and then stimulates antioxidant activities in the body.

9. Premature ejaculation:

Many types of research have also indicated that clove essential oil can also be useful in premature ejaculation. However, further research must be done to confirm this result.

How to extract clove?

It is very simple to extract clove oil. You should take some cloves which are not so old. Put the cloves inside a fairly large filter of coffee, at least you have to place 1/8 cup of cloves and it should be covered with 1/2 cup of vegetable oil.

Later, place it in a water bath for about 45 min and then left to rest at night or for a full 24 hours which can be extended even up to 48 hours to achieve a higher concentration.

To take into account you should know that clove oil is usually very strong, for that reason it must be well diluted.

The way of use, conservation and precautions of clove essential oil:

• Do not apply directly to the skin (dilute it in a conductive substance such as vegetable oil, clay, shampoo, etc.)

• Do not use during the pregnancy.

• Keep out of reach of children.

• Always use it carefully, checking the reaction on the skin and possible allergies.

• Do not use more than two weeks in a row.

• Quickly open and close the container, since essential oils evaporate when in contact with oxygen in the air.

Before experimenting, we advise you to know in depth what are the essential oils, as well as the formulations, precautions and general conditions of use.