Application and Benefits of Black Castor Oil:

Black Castor oil revives damaged and lifeless hair, regaining its shine and health.

It’s a remedy with proven results. Black Castor Oil treats damaged and dry hair, strengthening and restoring the hair from the root to the tip. It also helps to achieve greater density in eyelashes and eyebrows.

It’s also known to help with daily problems such as warts, ringworm, moles, gastrointestinal problems, athlete’s foot, acne, local inflammations, migraines, colds, menstrual pains, burns, and stretch marks among others.

Let us learn more about this Black Castor Oil:

What is Black Castor Oil?

This oil is also known as Jamaica oil which is a black variety of castor oil. It is marketed in several colors. yellow, black and clear. Its natural color is barely extracted from the seeds of castor bean or castor is yellow, however, when its seeds are roasted to later extract the oil, added to the aggregate of ashes results in black castor oil.

It is generally believed that this variety is the purest, although it is not so, it is the most recommended to improve the health of the hair. Purity is not always synonymous with effectiveness and this is one of the most outstanding cases.

How it encourages hair growth?

By improving the health of the hair in general the black castor oil helps it to grow better. This does not mean that from one day to the next you will have it very long, but that a set of properties make it grow a little faster since it will not break or dry out.

• It is moisturizing: You can use it as if it were a moisturizer not only on the scalp but also on the length of the hair and on the skin. It has this function for its content of fatty acids that return life to dry areas.

• It’s anti-dandruff: Being light it can be absorbed quickly by the scalp and thanks to its moisturizing property it is excellent to reduce the dryness and accumulation of flakes that dandruff generates. It also kills the bacteria and fungi that cause this problem.

• It is unraveling: Its moisturizing and greasy properties make it easier to untangle it. Many times when combing you end up breaking little hairs that are shorter and ruin your look. That ends up by applying black castor oil.

• It is repairing: Its moisturization also allows recomposing, avoiding and reducing brittle hair with split ends. This way your hair grows healthier and therefore you can have it longer in less time.

• It is strengthening: When applied to the scalp you keep it moist, this causes the follicles to retain more time the properties mentioned above, avoiding the dryness that over time can end in hair loss.

Benefits of Black Castor Oil:

1. Treats acne:

Castor oil is used primarily to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. Also, it helps to fight the bacteria that cause acne.

2. Effective even in grooves

The fatty acids provide elasticity to the skin, which is why it is able to prevent the appearance of stretch marks but not only that but when penetrating the epidermis, it manages to favor the creation of new cells and improves the appearance of scars.

3. Presume look:

Can your eyelashes grow naturally? It looks like it is. Apply a small dose of this oil to the lashes and let it work overnight. It takes a little patience but you will get a high impact look.

4. Treats dark circles:

Apply a drop and perform a circular massage. You will see drastic results.

5. Also for hair:

Because if they have something in common viral products is that they are multipurpose. Beyond the face, the hair also obtains numerous benefits thanks to this ingredient. Nourishes and strengthens the hair for healthy and fast growth. You can apply it every night while you perform circular massages through the scalp. You can also mix it with your usual shampoo and get a mane hydrated and free of damage.

6. Improves the tone of the hair color:

We continue with the hair because the castor oil seals the moisture in the cuticle and this prevents the of the hair which will enhance the tone of the hair.

7. Beyond beauty:

Among all its benefits, stresses that improves the digestive system and even favors the immune system against harmful agents and thus deal with infections and diseases.

All in all, Black Castor Oil helps in many areas. It helps in the treatment of acne, moles, warts, wrinkles, skin spots, athlete’s foot, inflammation, sunburn, callused feet, and stretch marks.

What type of Black Castor Oil to choose?

This oil is extremely viscous and thick so we recommend mixing it with other oils and ingredients for easy application. Following are some of the prefabricated options to apply.

How to use black castor oil?

Before using it always test a drop on your arm and leave it on for a whole night, if in the morning, or during the night itself, you feel irritation or redness, remove the product with cold water and do not use it on your hair.

Use it with other oils:

The best way to use black castor oil is by mixing it with other oils such as olive oil or coconut oil. You must apply it during the night and put on a bathing cap. In the morning, wash hair as you always do to remove the remains.

Use it with shampoo:

To enhance the moisturizing effect of your shampoo you can utilize pure black castor oil, without mixing 15 to 20 minutes before bathing. Or you can add a few drops to your shampoo.

Use it with classic gelatine:

The collagen content of gelatin can be beneficial for both your skin and hair since this substance will give you elasticity, firmness and will strengthen it.

Having long hair is a matter of time, but having it long and healthy involves essential care. There are many natural and chemical products that help prevent your hair from breaking. But few are as complete and effective as black castor oil.