Amazing Benefits of Natural Herb Tongkat Ali

 What is Tongkat Ali?

Eurycoma longifolia is the scientific name of popular Tongkat Ali, the Malaysian ginseng. It belongs to the Simaroubaceae family. This flowering plant is often located in Pakistan and Indonesia, being found mostly in waste places and bunds. They are difficult to harvest in the wild, reason why the Indonesian government chose to cultivate them in plantations.

Phenotypically, it counts with a medium sized shrub that has 10 meters of height with reddish brown petioles. Its flowers have small, fine petals.

How does Tongkat Ali work?

To enunciate the many uses of Tongkat Ali properly, first, we must explain its mechanism of action.

To summarize, there are many active compounds on its roots, including glycoproteins which are responsible for acting in hormone stimulation and action. This provides a source of material for scientists to explore, study and research. These glycoproteins also carry some effect into blood pressure, as some people allude to Tongkat Ali increases and descents in blood pressure and metabolic activity on patients.

Why is Tongkat Ali used for?                                          

The plant has been used as a medicinal herb in Asian and Middle East medicine. Based on the formula of its roots, this plant has several hormonal effects in both, animals and humans.

Throughout the ages it has been used to treat high blood pressure, malaria, some viral affections (as it boosts the immune system) and fertility issues.

The Benefits of Tongkat Ali for Men

Does Tongkat Ali increase Testosterone?

There is no doubt that this plant has many uses and it has been highly studied for several reasons. It contains antioxidants and other anti-viral, anti-malaria phytochemicals that could be extremely useful to treat patients. Nevertheless, the most attractive feature for people around the globe it’s the capacity this plant has to boost libido and stamina in the bedroom for both genders.

Most specifically in men, the plant has shown to increase levels of testosterone with glycoproteins that stimulate hormonal secretion and activity, however in regular cases where testosterone is on its normal levels, Tongkat affects only bioavailability. Dr. Johari, a Pakistani physician has conducted the studies of animal and human research in Tongkat, developed an extract named “LJ100” made with Tongkat Ali’s main beneficial compounds; this extract has been used in both human and animal studies to examine the behavior of this natural remedy in hormonal activity.

Several tests and records worldwide have proven that this plant is first an aphrodisiac for men, second, it helps to control age-issues in sexuality while in the process of andropause. Men who experience changes related to andropause and natural aging often feel worried, incomplete and sometimes even depressed for the lack of sexual stamina and the difficulty to achieve erections as they used to when they were younger. To fix those problems they have to follow a (TRT) testosterone replacement therapy which tends to be very expensive, the reason why they choose to follow a more natural protocol that may work just as efficiently as the basic medical/pharmacological treatment.

Does Tongkat Ali improve male fertility?

Tongkat Ali has also shown to improve the quantity and quality of sperm!

In a study with 75 men, it was observed that taking a stable dose of 2 capsules per day taken every day it was possible to improve the quality and quantity of sperm on these men. Even 15% of these men reported pregnancy on their couples after treatment, therefore proving the efficacy of the treatment in at least increasing the likelihood of conceiving.  

The Benefits of Tongkat Ali for Women

Sex Drive

In women, the first plus is an increase in libido. We can’t help but point out the importance of sex in our daily lives. Sex keeps us happy, younger and it’s extremely healthy. Nowadays, lots of women experiment decrease in sexual desire for stress, hormonal problems related to age or disorders and even, routine!

Wouldn’t it be nice to release all the tension? Well, with Tongkat Ali you can, take it with your partner, find a moment to relax and you’ll see how the temperatures go up in and outside of the bedroom. In a good way, of course.

Avoiding Osteoporosis

Tongkat Ali increases testosterone levels which help to protect bones from developing fragility. As you probably know, the disease known as osteoporosis is characterized for weak and extremely fragile bones, and this is caused not only for low levels of calcium and magnesium but alterations in the hormonal balance and general metabolism. Since Tongkat aids into maintaining healthy concentrations of testosterone, its usage can be seen as a prophylactic measure that combined with other forms of treatment can prevent osteoporosis.   

Mood Boosts

Stressed? We may have a solution for you!  Tongkat Ali decreases the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, therefore, along with taking times to try to relax and enjoy life, how about trying a natural infusion or pill to sit down and get rid of stress.

How can we take Tongkat Ali?

This plant comes mostly in powder for supplements; there are also natural capsules you can take any time. Still, if you are one of those, who loves to try your own recipes, mix the powder with water and other ingredients, making a tea infusion, a special medicinal coffee, smoothie or shake, it doesn’t matter. You simply add the powder, mix it and drink.

Are there any side effects of using Tongkat Ali?

As a natural extract, it’s rare to find side effects, however, caution is advised. Some Tongkat Ali supplements have less Tongkat Ali percentage than the expected and may also have other compounds that can cause side effects to hypersensitive people. Extremely allergic people should avoid consuming the usage of this plant at all cost.


This plant should NOT be used in:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  •  Kids younger than 12 years old.
  •  Patients with hyperthyroidism
  •  People with treatment for depression. Pharmacological interactions can carry serious complications.
  • People with Renal Insufficiency.

People with Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Gastrointestinal Affections.