Have you Tried Epsom Salt at Home for Sciatica Pain & Other Afflictions?

Epsom Salt & Sciatica Pain

Being in pain is terrible. Anyone who’s suffered from an injury, or just experienced pain in general knows that the sensation is not only unpleasant, but also in some cases, distressing and disabling. Pain makes us less efficient in our daily activities and sometimes, its tops us from doing anything at all.

And if there’s a form of nervous irritation and compression that hurts, it’s quite common, and, uncomfortable is the pain from the sciatica or the lumbar area.

With obesity, age, posture or other afflictions, we can develop a condition where the lumbar nerves are compressed or irritated causing extreme pain and inflammation.

The Epsom salt offers a remedy to ease this pain by simply taking a relaxing bath with 2 cups of the “salt”, warm or hot water and 20 minutes of your precious time.

Something completely effortless and 100% accessible for everyone to try!

What is Epsom Salt?

This pure mineral, magnesium sulfate is a chemical compound whose name comes from Epsom, a bitter saline spring from England. For its general formula with magnesium (a very important element in the human body) this remedy has been used as a natural recipe to treat many ailments for many years.

How does Epsom Salt works?

This natural sulfate is easily absorbed through the skin, transported through the capillaries and metabolized in the body as an essential electrolyte like calcium (with whom it has a solid relation in human physiology) sodium and potassium.

Inside the body it plays many different roles: flushing toxins, regulating the action of at least 300 enzymes as a cofactor, modulating inflammatory reactions and reducing them, improving muscle function, cleansing arteries from clots and residual compounds and so, preventing artery hardening and possible heart attacks.

When you take a bath with it, the sulfate of magnesium enters through your body and plays an anti inflammatory role in the sciatic area, reducing the compression while also relaxing your nerves and working its way through your nervous system as a placebo would. That way, you’ll not only get an analgesic effect but general relaxation to continue your day.

As a plus, some assure that magnesium is one of the keys to live a long life if used on several things, including diets. Dark chocolate is high in magnesium and Jeanne Calmet, the French super centenarian who has the longest confirmed lifespan, used to consume high quantities of dark chocolate daily. She even listed this element on her diet as one of her secrets for longevity! Awesome, huh?

However, our previous comment was solely to prove the perks of one of its components. This article is not related solely to the benefits of magnesium. Let’s talk about Epsom salt and other things this natural remedy can do for you.

Other uses of Epsom Salt

  1. Health, it can be used to treat Athlete’s foot and other toe and nail fungus, soothe bruises, remove splinters and enhance the natural process of healing.
  2. Beauty: as a natural exfoliant, to treat blackheads, remove hair products and give volume to a very straight, boring hair.
  3. Garden: to fertilize plants (by using it once a week), to control pests and keep your lawn beautiful and green!

Do all Epsom Salt recipes work?

Based on the research, its formula and the way people talk about them, Epson salt seems to have indeed an effect over general pain and some small affections. Its resourcefulness and utility are quite attractive to anyone with eyes.

Still, we must insist that natural remedies are not means to replace a visit to the doctor. Consult him about using this and other natural remedies. Try it with caution, in case there are side effects on your body; suspend it immediately as a way of treatment for sciatica pain.

However,try it for yourself. Your experience is the most important one to judge its effectiveness, no doubt about it. Only you’ll be able to see if these uses are effective or not, nobody is the same and there’s a lot to gain. Explore and create as you see fit, the right remedy is out there, all you need to do is keep looking for it.