Checkout these Great Health Benefits of Bay Leaves!

With many native names, including “Paththa”, Bay leaves are aromatic herbs coming straight from the laurel tree. They are native from the Mediterranean, most specifically in Pakistan. There it’s widely used as perfumes and food condiments.

Its taste and smell are highly appreciated by native and foreign people around the word Thanks to their exotic nature and singularity, they are quite popular. You simply have to try them.

However, that’s not by far the best thing these leaves can do for you. Even though they are delicious in a vitrine and kitchen, their optimal place is in medicine, given by its medicinal properties.

Would you like to know more about them?

Well, fetch and drink and sit. Let’s make a small list.

Fighting with Sugar Problems?

If you’re struggling with high levels of sugar in your blood (caused or not by type 2 diabetes) then you should try Bay Leaves as a natural alternative. Phytochemicals and essential oils on its formula such as polyphenol, create a hypoglycaemic effect, improving not only the metabolism of carbohydrates and general glucose but enhancing insulin’s action via acting over the insulin receptors.

Pain killer skills

Bay leaf produces oils that have the property of reducing inflammatory reactions efficiently. Besides, it’s great for headaches and can relieve pain in many areas triggered several affections such as arthritis and strains!

Also, massaging your body with bay leaves can relax you and relieve some tension while promoting good circulation at the same time.

Conceiving hacks

Another one of its many components is folic acid, which is essential during pregnancy to prevent birth defects related to the development of the nervous system.

By the way, if you are trying to conceive, these leaves can help you with the task.

Skin Enhancer

Skin is our temple. We know just how important it is to keep it healthy and beautiful. Bay Leaf is available to help you with your skin problems. It can prevent skin outbreaks and wrinkles by relieving stress in your skin. A recipe from our sources suggests boiling 4-5 dried bay leaves with water in a closed pot or container, then remove the lid and let it boil for a couple more minutes. Afterwards, take the pot, open it and inhale the produced steam as infusion.

Treatment of Head Lice

This is another interesting use for Bay Leaf. It helps with infections by head lice and the recipe is super simple! All you need to do is crush bay leaves (50 grams of bay leaves) and boil them in water. Then, strain out the water and apply it into your hair, letting it act in your hair for about 2 hours. Later, rinse, and wash it off.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Bay leaf can protect you against cardiovascular diseases because it contains powerful phytonutrients and other valuable compounds like salicylates, rutin, and caffeic acid that improve your heart’s condition by reducing triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the blood.

Healthy Kidneys

That’s right. Bay leaves can reduce the formation of kidney stones too!

Here’s a recipe from our sources that will help you with that and other urinary tract infections.

All you need to do is l 5 grams of dried bay leaves in water for 30minutes, strain it afterwards, and drink the result, twice a day.

Lovely Teeth

Yes, you can also use bay leaves to keep your teeth clean and bright. Also, it’s really useful to neutralize bad breath and keep gums healthy as well! All you need to do is brush your teeth with a scrub made of smashed dried leaves, once every 3 days