Home remedies for scalp Psoriasis:

If one has come across this word ‘Psoriasis ‘ he/she must be aware of its adverse effects on the scalp. And the person who is facing this problem has been experiencing real trouble in both the areas like head and the neck, and also at the back of the ears. It generally affects most to the scalp. More than 3% of the total population in the world suffers from this disease having cases of more or less severity.

It is also called as a chronic skin problem that influences the growth of skin tissue cells. One can also get confused with the similar type of disease i.e. dandruff and ignore it. But it can easily be identified individually by its physical appearance and as dandruff is minute in size and stings more, whereas psoriasis in the scalp appears thicker in the layer, it is more dry and bigger in scale. It can also affect the other parts of the scalp spreading everywhere. Mostly it spreads at the neck and at the back of the ears.

Some experts and naturopathy doctors have also recommended a few home remedies to reduce the effects of this irritating disease:

Salicylic acid:

This treatment is available without a prescription or in a more concentrated form with a prescription. Apply it on the top of the scalp region, neck and other regions where it has affected the most can eliminate dead cells on the skin, minimizing the scales on the scalp. Sometimes this treatment is mixed with medicated shampoos and sometimes it is an individual topical treatment, but, in any case, it has been shown to reduce symptoms and reduce the outbreaks.

Coal tar:

Coal tar is a vernacular way of treating the disease with the help of coal. This method works by reducing the speed of the development of the growth of the cells. One should remember that this disease can lead to fast growth of the skin cells which causes itching and flaking. So this method can reduce the inflammation and flaking of the skin on the scalp. It can lead to making the scalp very messy resulting in stained clothes so it should be used carefully.

Natural sunlight:

Several remedies for curing psoriasis have a recommendation to get direct sunlight on the scalp. This is very effective and accelerates the curing process. It works as the direct sunlight helps to reduce the growth of dead skin cells and cause no more irritation. It also provides the scalp with Vitamin D which is indeed an important nutrient for the health of the body. But one shall not get into excess gaining of the sunlight.

Aloe Vera Extract:

As we all know the extracted form of aloe vera is a successful remedy for curing the skin and reducing the burning sensation after having the direct contact of the scalp with the sunlight. It helps in decreasing the level of itching, irritation, redness, and flaking. One can feel the freshness and cooling sensation when applied on the scalp wherever the disease has been spread.

So these are a few home remedies for treating the Psoriasis of the scalp making it possible for the reduction of dead skin cells and the silver scales leading to no inflammation and irritation.