Best Home Remedies for Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases of the genitourinary tract worldwide. It mainly affects women. In most cases, the infection is asymptomatic. Treatment is by a short dose of antibiotics. However, caution should be exercised during pregnancy.

In women, the protozoan is most commonly detected in the vagina, urethra and paraurethral glands. Trichomonas can trigger a vaginal and also a urethral and cervical infection. In man, Trichomonas vagina feels especially well in the urethra.

Except for humans, Trichomonas vaginalis has no other reservoir where it survives for a long time. Outside the human body, the parasite usually dies quickly except for wet objects and water. However, contaminated water does not have much importance from an epidemiological point of view.

Find out everything important about causes, symptoms, and natural treatment of Trichomoniasis here.

What are the causes of Trichomoniasis?

Cervicitis, in general terms, is usually occurred by an infection contracted during sex.

Trichomoniasis infection is an infection with Trichomonas vaginalis. This is a parasite that belongs to the protozoa. Protozoa are unicellular organisms. Other protozoans are the malaria parasites and the causative agents of toxoplasmosis. Trichomonas vaginalis has a pear-like shape and carries thread-like structures on the surface, which are used for locomotion.

In addition to bacterial vaginosis and the fungal infection of the female genital tract, trichomoniasis infection is one of the most common causes of vaginal complaints. A trichomoniasis infection should be detected early and treated. Otherwise, it can lead to complications in pregnancy. In addition, other sexually transmitted diseases are relieved, often resulting in multiple infections simultaneously.

What are the symptoms of Trichomoniasis?

Among the manifestations of this disease are the following:

•    Abnormal vaginal bleeding in the moments after sexual intercourse, after menopause or between menses.

•    Sexual relationships that are painful for women and constant vaginal pain.

•    The pressure in the pelvis.

•    Vaginal discharge which does not disappear and that can occur with different shades like yellow, white, or gray.

•    If there is also an inflammation of the ligaments that support the pelvic organs, back pain, dysmenorrhea or heavy menstruation may occur.

However, Trichomoniasis can be treated with some medicines like antibiotics but if you are looking to cure naturally, there are several home remedies we have mentioned here.


Trichomoniasis is the most common non-viral sexually transmitted infection (STI). It can occur in both men and women, although its presence is more common in women.

The infection is incubated in a period of between 7 and 21 days and occurs in two phases:

•    In the first phase, the parasite is settled. The symptoms may not appear.

•    In the second the symptoms appear, producing the disease.

As a main preventive measure, it is necessary to use a condom when having sex which significantly reduces the risk of contracting or transmitting the infection. However, the use of condoms does not mean that the possibilities of transmitting or contracting trichomoniasis disappear, since it does not cover the entire area. That is, the only way to avoid this infection would be avoiding sexual intercourse.

How to treat Trichomoniasis naturally?

There are several conventional methods to treat Trichomoniasis, the following are some of the recipes will surely help you.

The best way to relieve symptoms and cure trichomoniasis is to perform the treatment which is prescribed your doctor which is usually done with the ingestion of antibiotics for a few days. Therefore, whenever you suspect that you have an infection due to trichomoniasis, you should consult the gynecologist in the case of women or the urologist in the case of men.

However, there are also some natural remedies that can be used in conjunction with medical treatment to relieve symptoms faster. Although they are effective in reducing symptoms, these home remedies should not replace antibiotic treatment, as they may not completely eliminate the bacteria that are causing the trichomoniasis.

How to relieve the symptoms of trichomoniasis?

1. Drink pomegranate juice:

Pomegranate juice seems to have antiparasitic properties that help eliminate the parasite responsible for trichomoniasis, strengthening the effect of antibiotics and relieving symptoms such as vaginal discharge and itching faster.


•    Seeds of 1⁄2 pomegranate.

•    1⁄2 glass of water.

Preparation method:

Place the seeds and water in a blender and then beat until you get a mixture with the well-crushed seeds. Finally, you should strain the juice before drinking. The best is to drink 2 to 3 glasses of juice a day, for at least 1 week.

2. Washing with apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar also has a very good antiparasitic action that helps eliminate various types of infections. In addition to this, in the case of women, it can also reduce the amount of flow, since it allows for balancing the vaginal pH.


•    1 small bucket with warm water.

•    1 small cup of apple cider vinegar.

Preparation method:

Mix the ingredients and then wash the genital region with water, before bathing. This bath can be used up to 2 or 3 times a day, according to the intensity of the symptoms.

3. Drink water from fenugreek seeds:

Fenugreek is a medicinal plant that strengthens the immune system, especially when fighting infections and, therefore, can enhance the effect of antibiotics, facilitating the elimination of the parasite of trichomoniasis.


•    1 handful of fenugreek seeds.

•    1 glass of water.

Preparation method:

Place the seeds in a glass of water overnight and then strain the solution in the morning and drink the residual water on an empty stomach.

Fenugreek seeds can also be added to foods such as yogurt or salads.

4. Use tea tree oil:

A home treatment option for trichomoniasis is a vaginal wash with tea tree oil. This is a medicinal plant that has antiviral and antibiotic properties, being able to eliminate Trichomonas.

The tea is made with 1 liter of water and 3 tablespoons of the dried leaves, allowing the mixture to boil for 10 minutes. Then you must strain, wait for it to cool and you can wash it.

5. Use Garlic to cure Trichomoniasis:

Trichomoniasis can be cured by Garlic also. You need to insert a garlic clove into the vagina and keep changing it every 12 hours for 3 to 5 days. If you can add garlic to your daily diet, it can be more beneficial for both women and men.