Benefits of Dandelion Tea for Weight Loss:

The taste of Dandelion leaves is a little bitter that indicates that it contains phyto nutrients which are very favorable for the liver since they favor in the expulsion of the toxins. The dandelion has toothed leaves which are consistent and dry more than anything in the part of the flower, has a yellow color and a circular shape.

This herb contains different complements in which stand out:

• Carbohydrates

• Vitamin B

• Beta-carotene

• Flavonoids

• Linoleic acid

• Vitamin C

• Potassium

• Oleic acid

In the spring period, it is best to pick up the shoots of the leaves when they are fresh to be eaten, the most common way is in salads. Although you can easily store it in a cloth bag to dehydrate, the roots are collected afterward The end of the winter or summer can be stored in a container of glass with its cover closed.

Parts of the flower:

Know about its parts that divide this plant:

These leaves contain the shape of spinach can be consumed in salads or to fill in the pies, as they contain a sour taste, it is always advised to use the shoots when they are immature and are small.

Flowers: Before they are opened, they can be prepared with vinegar and salt in the same way as capers. It can be fried or placed in salads.

Root: the plant when you are 2 years old can be considered an adult. This can be pruned a little at the root, can be roasted and used as a replacement for caffeine that uses in tea.

Dandelion Tea for Weight Loss:

If you think that dandelion plant is just for a weed, it is also essential to know that parts of its plants are edible and also you can make a sort of tea. Dandelion tea is a wide use for losing weight. Before start consuming this tea, it is advisable to consult your doctor or dietician to ensure that it is harmless for you.

It mainly combats fluid retention. Because of its anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, this dandelion tea has been used to stimulate the elimination of various toxins through urine and, in general, all other liquids retained in the body.

Some of the utilities that have the dandelion root to lose weight are the following:

• Increase the production of urine.

• Cleans the liver and kidneys.

• Reduces the danger of suffering from an infection in the urine.

• Deflates the abdomen.

• Eliminates constipation as well as diarrhea.

• Dissolve the stones in the kidneys.

• It has antioxidants that help prevent premature aging of the skin.

• It helps to level blood sugar, this is ideal for people with diabetes.

• Levels of cholesterol in the body.

• It is perfect for the health of the teeth.

• It improves the protection of the organism.

• Fight against depression.

This is a wonderful beverage but in order to have the results, we want we must maintain stability. It is always ideal to get the one that has a more pleasant flavor or is easier to make, for this it is recommended to take a cup of this tea in the mornings before breakfast and also before bed, for this it is necessary to use the root of the herb although it is a bit complicated to acquire you can get it in the health food stores, this is an infusion that is used a lot in China.

To make the homemade infusion you can collect all the dandelions that are in the garden, they start to dehydrate, you can keep it in an airtight container but away from the sun until it is perfect to prepare it as an infusion.

Other useful benefits of Dandelion Tea:

Along with weight loss, dandelion tea can be consumed for the following benefits:

For diabetes:

In many parts of the world, it is very normal to use this plant for people suffering from diabetes, since at its root are sugars that are easy to assimilate.

Manages urinary and kidney problems:

Dandelion helps to activate the functioning of the kidneys, it also helps to cleanse these organs to repair infections in the urinary system by expelling the stones or stones since it has a great diuretic domains that do not cause the potassium loss in the same way that occurs with the others.

Increase in the digestive:

This drink is a soft laxative, a stimulator that helps with the appetite of sick people, increases the bile production, it prevents gastric and constipation difficulties. Since this plant is very popular to expel all the toxins that are stored in the body and as a result is linked to liver health, this plant is used to relieve hepatitis, cancer, and jaundice, as well as some tumors.

Dandelion tea also contains qualities that purify the blood and prevents the appearance of poisoning caused by food or chemicals. It also cleans high cholesterol levels.

A good toner of attractiveness:

This herb has been utilized for a long time to soothe the itchy skin, the rash among other discomforts that are caused on the skin. You can make an infusion with a little of the flowers of this plant in a container with hot water and let rest, this is ideal to clean some wounds. For this, a small piece of cotton is used and placed in the damaged area.

Help with sight:

People who suffer from some nocturnal blindness or possibilities of suffering from any alteration in the ocular muscle can acquire dandelion to integrate vitamin A and beta carotenes, these components will help to increase the attraction of light and preserve the sight.

Improves haemorrhoids and varicose veins:

The large doses of tannins contained in this herb may have sedative and soothing abilities to improve the disadvantages in the external circulatory system such as the subject of haemorrhoids and varicose veins. In these subjects, it is recommended to do bath with the fluid obtained from the boiling of some leaves of the dandelion cotton can be placed in the affected area.

Although this dandelion tea can help to take care of or maintain health, it should not be used as an exclusive treatment for any condition.

It is best to use your infusion as a complement to a healthy lifestyle based on a balanced diet, adequate hydration, and regular exercise.