15 Hibiscus Tea Health Benefits – A Virtue for all Health Problems:

A tea to relax, a tea to warm up, a herbal tea to digest, do medicinal plants really have the virtues attributed to them? Although the latter has been forgotten by the West, the WHO writes that in several countries, 80% of the population still uses plants to heal themselves.

Many herbal medicines are being made and the medicinal plant industry has been expanding more and more since a decade. Today, with the growing interest of the population for health, more and more people are looking to reconnect with this past knowledge.

Several herbal medicine schools have emerged in recent decades. Herbalists study long hours to learn about the real power of these magical plants. Can we really hope to find these special properties including in one cup of herbal tea? Certainly, we can get all health advantages in just one cup of tea. One can list many known medicinal flowers and herbs for making healthy tea. Similarly one of its kinds of tea is the one prepared by Hibiscus extract. Hibiscus tea is also known as Jamaica Water.

History of Jamaica Water:

During ancient times, Egyptian pharaohs use to have this as a refreshing drink to control the temperature of the body. In the middle-east, this special flower was known as a calming agent that relaxes the mind and makes the sleep quality better.

This tea prepared with the dried form of the flower’s bud having a cup called Roselle. The drink has several antioxidants, i.e. flavonoids especially anthocyanins which have cardioprotective, vasodilator and help prevent fat accumulation. This last effect occurs because the tea reduces adipogenesis, this working of the process where there is no fat cell production, adipocytes, results in excessive accumulation of fat. Jamaica water is an excellent drink which we usually one can have for quenching out the thirst in summer days. One can add a little amount of sugar to eliminate the acidic taste.

Characteristics of this flower- Hibiscus:

Antioxidant, non-hypertensive, diuretic, uricosuric, effective to decrease the level of blood pressure and protect against the metabolic disorders, the virtues of this flower are endless in counting. According to some renowned organization, integrating tea made from this flower extract would reduce pre-hypertension and mild hypertension. This plant has the benefits of not having any content of caffeine that will let any person consume it in the form of tea, even in the evening time for example, before going to sleep.

Effects of Hibiscus flower on the Human body:

• As it is rich in Vitamin A and C, it will give vitality.

• The respiratory and digestive tracts will function smoothly and helps in digestion of food.

• Blood vessels are protected and the level of blood pressure is controlled, as it is rich in anti-oxidants.

Following are the 15 amazing Hibiscus tea health benefits:

1. It helps relieve gastrointestinal spasms, improves gastroenteritis and combats heartburn.

2. It stimulates the liver functions, acts as a hepatic decongestant, ideal after a patching or an episode of food allergy, or bad digestion in general.

3. It is useful to treat punctual constipation, especially if you combine it with more active plants in this case, such as flax or marshmallow.

4. It is a support to keep cholesterol and triglyceride levels at bay, especially when it is substituted for sugary drinks.

5. It also helps you to reduce hypertension, acting as a safe diuretic.

6. Due to its high diuretic and depurative power, it is excellent support against infections in the urinary tract.

7. It can be a good ally to help you lose weight because it hinders fluid retention and favors the elimination of toxins and excess fat in the urine.

8. It has a remarkable antioxidant action. It will help you to prevent respiratory, digestive and urinary infections.

9. It is indicated, due to its balsamic and demulcent power, to treat different respiratory conditions such as colds, flu episodes, and pharyngitis. It fights congestion and repairs irritated mucous membranes.

10. It is an excellent antiseptic and antimicrobial and will help you strengthen your autoimmune defenses.

11. It stands out as a good venous tonic, improves circulation and prevents venous stagnation. It is indicated for the natural treatment of varicose veins, phlebitis, and hemorrhoids.

12. The infusion of hibiscus, combined with poppy, and valerian or passionflower, can be a mild tranquilizer which will help many to help them fall asleep or to make it deeper and more refreshing.

13. It is a detoxifier, cleanses our body and eliminates toxins. It works like an antidepressant.

14. It contains minerals, important vitamins such as A, B1, and C, it also contains minerals such as iron, phosphorous and calcium. Also, it reduces the amount of cholesterol and triglyceride. It helps in improving the process of cleansing and then extracting the wastewater left in the body, so here it becomes a necessary parameter for losing weight.

15. And, finally, the cold, or even very cold, infusion of hibiscus is a reputed remedy to combat thirst, and the sensation of suffocation from the heat, in the summer months.

Weight loss with Jamaica water:

As well all know it contains a great number of flavonoids that shows heat protection covering layer and vasodilatory stimulation. They also play an important role in slowing down the amount of good and bad cholesterol i.e. HDL and LDL, level of blood pressure and triglycerides.

So all these substances will let the carbohydrate content to fall down which is absorbed by our body, leading to weight loss. The inhibitor present in it pause the development of the enzyme responsible for changing and replacing the starch with the sugar. It will stop the fat that is accumulated on the body.

In the present scenario, hibiscus tea is widely used to burn calories and stubborn fat, reduce swelling, improve bowel function and control cholesterol. As being easily digestible, this Jamaica water will also help in reducing the level of blood pressure and makes the functionality of kidneys and other organs to run smoothly without any issue.

So this study cited above concludes that Jamaica water is capable to decrease adipogenesis and also fat accumulated in the body, resulting in a good weight loss. Having it regularly after meals will get you to excellent health benefits.