7 Natural tips to get rid of facial redness

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes facial redness due to the inflammation of blood vessels and therefore red pimples on the face. Rosacea may also appear as red bumps with pus. These symptoms usually sprout for weeks and months and then disappear.

It is important to differentiate whether it is rosacea, dermatitis or an allergic reaction, to achieve a correct treatment that can eliminate the redness of the skin.

The classic symptoms of rosacea are the following:

Redness on the face: Reddened skin is the most striking symptom of rosacea, especially on the nose and cheeks.

Burning in the face: It is very common to have itching on the face, especially in the reddened areas. This burning may also be perceived as heat on the face, without becoming the pain.

Reddish bumps: In addition to itchy redness of the face, it can also produce small inflamed protuberances that look like acne and contain pus.

Problems in the eyes: The itching and redness on the face can also, sometimes, extend to the eyes.

Here we resent the best 7 natural tips to get rid of facial redness:

1. Using greens and limiting the fat intake:

Apply compresses of tea of chamomile or tea of cold thyme since they do inflammatory. A vegetarian diet is recommended but without heated fats. Do not heat the oil or the seeds that carry fat, its importance will be noticed in the type of fat that will then segregate the sebaceous glands of the skin which will maintain the acid mantle and the saprophytic and beneficial bacteria for the skin.

Of course, you have to follow a diet without alcohol without caffeine, without refined sugars, without spicy. Record the foods that trigger redness and also write down activities, medications, or other situations to eliminate or take them into account.

2. Avoiding hot water contact and direct sun exposure:

Exercise without competitive efforts. Sun exposure must be natural, without creams, when it does not heat too much and for a short time. Protect the skin with a hat or cover it if the radiation is strong.

Do not expose yourself to the sun and use a daily sunscreen with SPF of 50+, broad spectrum, for solar radiation (UVB-UVA). Place it half an hour before leaving and replace it every 2 hours.

Avoid hot water or hot steam baths in the face area and very hot foods or beverages.

3. Using medications have a natural ingredient:

Do not use cosmetics that contain alcohol, oil, fragrances, drying or excessive preservatives. Use cosmetics for sensitive skin, without fragrances, hypoallergenic and soft.  Do not use creams with corticosteroids: they provide an initial improvement of the redness, but by suspending them the picture will worsen. There are cases of steroid rosacea given by the application of corticosteroids in prolonged form.

Use 100% natural soft soaps such as chamomile or oatmeal. Use Oatmeal by making a fine waste mixing it with water. Apply it on the skin and then get rid of burning and irritation.

4. Lemon scrub, Yogurt, and Honey:

Exfoliation is the process by which an agent is added on the skin of the face to remove the skin and dead cells accumulated over time. One of the several homemade exfoliates that you can use is lemon, yogurt, honey, and salt.

To prepare it you must mix need to mix some amount of juice from the lemon, a little honey, and full spoon yogurt. Just simply rub it over the face in a circular motion and give it 3 minutes to act, then you should remove it with the help of warm water.

5. Exfoliating Milk with Nutmeg:

There is another home treatment, super effective to remove redness of the face, also you can do with ingredients that you surely have at your place. Just mix a full spoon of milk, preferably buttermilk and a good amount of nutmeg powder which will result in a thick compact paste. Rub gently and then keep it for 3 minutes, remove after the time and use warm water. It will ultimately lead you to have softer skin and a soothing effect with no patches that are occurred due to skin redness effect.

6. Bicarbonate:

Sunburn is painful because it decreases the level of pH, also it is the product which will again decrease acidity.  Just mix a quarter cup sodium by carbonate with a little amount of water to mix and make a paste. Then it can be applied to the area where redness has occurred, let it dry. Rinse it with a surplus amount of water. If you still want to get better effects in natural treatment for redness, this mixture may be what you need. Mixing bicarbonate with orange; 

The level of acidity of orange will help in closing the pores of the skin and will make it look brighter. The bicarbonate will serve as exfoliate which is completely natural and removes all the impurities. It will let the skin breather and respond more actively. It also helps in stimulating cellular oxygenation. It is a way where the skin will find a way to stay healthy and fresh.

7. Using Cucumber and Aloe vera:

As we all know these plant and vegetable Aloe Vera and cucumber works as a cooling agent when it is used for the skin. It will also be useful when fully extracted to get rid of the inflammation that is caused due to having this disease.

One can use it both direct and indirect ways. You can cut the slices or can remove the pulp then make a paste out of it. Also one can feel the skin to be soft, moisturizing and soothing.  One can also mix Vitamin E with the Aloe Vera extract and then directly apply it on the skin.

So these are some natural tips by which you can easily get rid of redness. Also one cannot just thank these natural ingredients and remedies which is indeed an optimum source of suppressing the problems caused due to Rosacea. It is always better to take precaution and cure the disease. Taking small steps and reacting to it will lead you to have good results. Never try to use chemical based medications and remedies as it will be a short term solution and can lead to having side effects.