7 Amazing Benefits of Aromatherapy

Breathe, let yourself be massaged, bathe in essential oils – there are many ways to enjoy aromatherapy but what does this therapeutic discipline consist of? It is a technique that takes advantage of the essential oils extracted from aromatic plants to improve the health, well-being, and beauty of those who apply them. Therefore, aromatherapy is a compliment, not a substitute for medicine for the relief of ailments or diseases.

This treatment is very fashionable, although it is not something new. There are many experts who say that aromatherapy is a technique that was used in China more than 6,000 years ago.

7 Amazing Aromatherapy Benefits:

Aromatherapy is used for beauty and wellness treatments, but it is also said to have healing powers, although not important diseases. In this sense, this therapeutic discipline has 3 fundamental uses: relaxing, revitalizing and stimulating. In addition, to these benefits is added that healing effect to alleviate minor ailments related to digestive problems, stress or discomfort of the skin.

Essential oils, on the other hand, can be used in different ways. Some prefer inhalation because it is the most basic method of aromatherapy and a good way to combat respiratory problems. Others, however, opt for massage to relieve ailments, aromatic baths to improve circulation or soggy poultices for skin or muscle discomfort.

Therefore, the benefits of aromatherapy are very important for your health, beauty, and well-being:

  1. It relaxes body and mind and, then, releases the accumulated stress:

It offers an excellent opportunity to recover energy, balance the nervous system, reduce anxiety, ends insomnia and increase calm and inner well-being. Some oils with relaxing properties are extracted from plants such as bergamot, cypress, geranium, ginger or grapefruit.

  1. It improves the functioning of the respiratory system and pulmonary function:

This essential oil making it a great complement to treat diseases related to this device. Ginger, grapefruit, mint or sandalwood are some of those aromatic plants with positive properties for your good breathing.

  1. Relieves muscular, gastrointestinal, headaches and inflammations:

Thanks to the relaxing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of plants such as sandalwood, rosemary, lavender, lemon or geranium, among others.

  1. It fights discomfort and skin infections:

Such as psoriasis and acne, and helps to heal wounds or attenuate skin blemishes. Lavender is par excellence, the aromatic plant from which these oils are extracted that treat problems, especially related to burns or pitting.

  1. Relax the physical, mental and emotional state:

Aromatic bath and massage with a mixture of hot essential oils to relax the physical, mental and emotional state.

  1. Soothing massage:

A mixture of Lavender plant with salt and almond oil to give a relaxing and soothing massage.

  1. Increases the flow of energy:

Small bags of aromatic plants soaked in oil that, when in contact with the body, increases the flow of energy.

In this way, aromatherapy has multiple benefits for health, well-being, and beauty. For this reason, many hotels and resorts treatment menu have a wide range of massages and techniques of this therapeutic discipline. Even to enjoy as a couple. Also, if you are accompanied, you can take advantage of offers designed for two.

The 4 essential oils that help you sleep:

The relaxing essential oils that act on the autonomic nervous system and help to recover the restful sleep are the following:

  •    Tangerine: This essential oil is very soft and ideal to disconnect and relax in case of passenger insomnia. Helps to calm the states of anxiety and depression thanks to its tranquilizing effect.
  •    Roman chamomile: This other is advised to hypersensitive people or those with a situation that takes away their sleep. In addition, it is also useful for hypertensive people or for children who are afraid at night. And it should be noted that its fragrance is very sweet.
  •    Lavender: The best integral relaxing. It is the top of aromatherapy and also the great specialist of the nervous system. Thanks to its soothing, relaxing and sedative molecules it has a great efficiency to get to sleep.
  •    Marjoram: This last essential oil is perfect to appease hyperactivity, calm anxiety and stress. It has a gentle fragrance that makes it an excellent sleep facilitator.

How to use essential oils?

There are two ways to use:

– Topical way: You can apply it on the skin, applying a droplet of the essential oil on the wrists or on the neck. For this, you will have to dilute it in some cream, serum, water or oil.

– Atmospheric way: Through a diffuser, a couple of drops of the essential oil are added in hot water to inhale the steam.

Check with the help of essential oils that falling asleep the first time and having a restful sleep is easier than you thought.