5 Benefits of Curcumin (extract of Turmeric) and Black Pepper in combination

Curcumin which is an extract of Turmeric is often known to be a very popular spice in the southern part of the globe. One of the prominent reasons why it is used frequently in food and recipes is because of its medicinal values and natural healing benefits.

Not only food but it is also widely used in naturopathy medicines and also as an antiseptic on wounds and cuts. Turmeric, when extracted, is known to be curcumin. Curcumin provides curcuminoids which are the main chemical mixture, having a lot of health benefits. They have antioxidant properties, curing inflammatory, bacteria free, antiseptic and having no fungal problems. Supplements are also made with turmeric extract and available in capsules or liquid medicine.

Black pepper is extracted from its main crop, peppercorn. It has piperine in it which is a bioactive compound almost similar to the cayenne pepper. Black pepper helps in curing a cold, indigestion, headache stress, inflammation etc.

Piperine has its own benefits that help in increasing the absorption process and also regulates digestion process.

Combining both the ingredients will give a significant medicine which can solve our day to day health issues.

5 benefits of Curcumin with Black Pepper:

There are various benefits of Curcumin and Black Pepper in combination, following are the main 5 benefits.

1. Relieves Stress:

Piperine in black pepper absorbs the antioxidants of curcumin easily, making it a better mixture for having it in the form of medicine. Piperine will let the intestine wall relieve from stress and gives access to a big molecule to enter inside to for absorbing.

2. Relieves Pain:

It helps in decreasing pain level also curing inflammation caused by it. It also cures some severe joint problems like arthritis. It deactivates the pain receptors in the body as peperine reacts and fights to inflammation.

3. Helps in Digestion Process:

If consumed heavy food or if one is going to have heavy foods in dinner or lunch addition of black pepper and turmeric will not only add flavors but makes our immune system stronger.

4. Controls Weight:

One can have a control on the weight scale especially when he/she is obese. There is a special combination of curcumin, piperine and onion skin which helps one to stop over gaining fat deposits on the body parts. It even can burn the fact and create a lot of change in the immune system.

5. Solves Gastric Mucosal Damage:

The combination of turmeric and black pepper can also solve various problems such as gastric mucosal damage that is caused by the peptic ulcers. The curcumin does not let the bacteria causing damages to growing.

The possible side effects of this medicinal combination:

Mostly such natural medicinal ingredients don’t have as such major side effects. But one needs to be careful of their allergies and reactions which may affect them in some of the other ways.

And also in order to sensitivity a person can face some issues related to the allergy and reaction. They should always be aware and take precautions for the same.

Here are some side effects that can be caused by this combination of natural ingredients:

Skin Allergies:

Skin problems are one of the common allergies while taking any medicine or treatment. Similarly, Black pepper can also lead to one of the allergies and reactions mentioned below:

– Tongue and Mouth

– Swelling and deformation of the face

– Rashes

– Hives

Respiratory Reactions:

One of the rare but scary side effects is the respiratory system that has fluctuations due to the distress occurred by the reactions. One tends to have fast heart beats with a low beat creating fluctuations. But, this is a very rare side effect noted till now.

Liver Alterations:

As this is one of the side effects that one needs to worry about while taking an intake of this combination. As the black pepper helps in altering the path and let turmeric absorbs properly in the body.

Sometimes it can change the path of fluids and drugs that are to be digested. So it might result in doubling of the problems caused by these drugs and fluid intake.

Gastrointestinal Pain:

There are chances of such regular health problems to rise. Stomach Upset is very prominent and increases the level of Bioperine. Some people face this problem regularly even when are on medication or having same recorded history in the past.

What scientific studies say about this herbal combination?

These ingredients are considered to be safe. But still, there are no confirmed clues given for the dosage and intake of the medicine as per the tolerance level. It is yet to be identified. Few people make have side effects like a headache, nausea, skin allergies, rashes etc.

So it is very important to check the caution page description first and then proceed to take the medicine. These are specially mentioned on the packaging and labels to keep one alerted if he is allergic to its properties.

However, the research communities on food and medicine have found that there is a limited amount of curcumin that can be consumed daily as per the body weight, height, and other parameters. Consuming more amounts will lead you to such damages and allergies.

In some cultures, black pepper and turmeric are prominently used in their cuisines and dishes. One can also have it in tea, can combine with oil or dressing, honey, and ginger. It is a fat cutter and will help the fat deposit to shed off from the body which can lead to losing some pounds.

However, it should always be taken in a combination rather than individually for better results to cure any health problem. These have noteworthy health benefits just with the amount of piperine and curcumin present in the ingredients.

Peperine generates the ability of absorption of the curcumin up to 100% in the body. So combining these two works perfectly for one who is not allergic, they may reduce inflammation and solve many digestion problems that occur very frequently.

Therefore, one can rely on these ingredients and its combination based on each Person’s tolerance levels It can also be considered as a natural healing medicine for both internal and external health issues.