How to Reduce Love Handles at the Gym?

The abdomen is the most difficult area of the body. This is where the unruly fat accumulates and which is more harmful to our health.

Most people, especially women, want to have a flat stomach to looking sensational, but it is difficult to achieve. However, you can resort to remedies to eliminate love handles or belly fat naturally.

If you want to give shape to your love handles or say belly fats, following are some of the important exercises which will surely help you.

Losing abdominal fat in the gym is simple if you use the right machines. In addition to a good diet, you need a good routine that includes some of these machines to reach your goals faster.

Losing abdominal fat has little to do with doing crunches. In fact, what can help you most is doing a little cardio, at least 45 minutes a day. This way you will get the six packs that you have wanted so much. Get the best results, with these machines that can help you achieve it.


The treadmill is one of the effective machines to lose love handles. This will stimulate the burning of fat in greater intensity than running. In fact, time is important, at least exercise on the treadmill for 45 minutes a day.

We recommend you combine it with one of these devices in your gym to take care of your knees. Although jogging is excellent, it is good to give your knees a break with another type of cardio.


If there is a magic machine in the gym, it is this one. Many times we ignore it thinking that it is only to shape the back when in truth it is a marvel to burn abdominal fat. If you want quick results I advise you not to stop using this device. Start with very little weight until you get used to it and then go up it little by little; in this way you increase the work in your whole body. Rowing is an excellent exercise to lose weight and tone up. All in one, what a wonder!


For those who hate the treadmill and prefer something more entertaining, the elliptical is the choice. This can be used with different resistances. For fat burning, we advise you to use it without much resistance. Keep up the pace and do not stop. You must perform at least 30 minutes to have a good result. Do not abuse this gym apparatus as it can affect your knees; the indicated thing is to alternate elliptical with the treadmill.


The TRX is an accessory found in some gyms. Make the most of it by using the deadlift to train your abdomen. With a couple of series in the TRX, you will be burning love handles fat faster. After performing a small routine we assure you that your abdomen will burn the next day.

Combine exercise in these exercise machines with a good diet to obtain excellent results.

Some Most Important Tips:

If you want to lose love handles, following are some of the most important tips you need to take into the account.

Short rest times:

In strength training aimed at improving body composition, it is important not to leave too much rest between sets. It is preferable to rest 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Increase the volume progressively:

Try to work with series that allow you to do between 8-12 repetitions without endangering your technique. Routines with more volume (amount of training) favor weight loss.

Better without failure:

Reaching muscle failure (a point where you cannot perform a single repetition more) will not cause you to lose more fat. It is preferable that you stay one or two repetitions before your technique is compromised, especially if you are a beginner.

Never forget the technique:

The weight you move in the exercise is the least. The exercises must be done well regardless of the weight we move. Never the desire to overcome a resistance should make the technique of exercise dangerous.

Do not train like crazy or every day:

If you work at sufficient intensity, it would be enough to take out days of strength work, combined with cardiovascular exercise.

Diet is a key:

It does not help to carry out a good workout if you do not accompany it with a proper diet. To do this, put yourself in the hands of a good nutritionist and distrust all the miracle diets that promise quick and effortless results. The result will not be sustainable if you do not learn to eat.